23 October 2020

Nicolas, the solo-developer of Pumpkin Jack was looking for funding to finance his first IP. Oro Interactive incorporated his game into the portfolio and reached out to several international publishers. 

Result: Within 14 days, a publishing deal was signed with Headup Games. Nicolas could work full-time on the game. As of 23 Oct. 2020, Pumpkin Jack launched successfully selling over 50 000 copies across all platforms making Pumpkin Jack a hit-success! 


Q1 2023

Jon Keller, the solo-developer of Arclands was looking for funding to finance his first IP. Jon was not looking for a publishing deal but wanted to raise money through Kickstarter. Oro Interactive helped Jon set up the Kickstarter from A-Z. 

Result: We crushed the goal of €40.000 with a whopping €46.000 collected by 1,905 backers! Jon can now work full-time on his dream project. #MissionAccomplished

Chrono Sword


Chrono Sword is a pixel art souls-like action-adventure game with time travel. It has incredible pixel art, contextual combat, and an epic story as its features.

Result: Oro Interactive helped 21c Ducks crush its Kickstarter goal of $50.000 by collecting $70.000 for their game Chrono Sword. #MissionAccomplished


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